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Read top guitarist and transcriber Wolf Marshall's TR-1000 Comments

More About the TR-1000 Digital Music Study Recorder

Read top jazz guitarist Sid Jacob's TR-400 Comments:

About the Transkriber Software:...

"Your software works great....I will and already have told many people about it...The new
software sounds incredible."
Rufus Reid, world famous jazz bass player and recording artist. Recorded with Stan Getz, Dexter Gordon, many others.

"this piece of software is an invaluable tool for my purposes (learning to play Chet Atkins tunes)...
[another product] took 24 hours of processing on my 486 DX2-66 PC under Win 95 to produce a
stereo, 44.1 KHz, 16 bit , speed version of a 2 minute guitar solo and would NOT permit multi-tasking. Your product is virtually instantaneous,
and the speed playback is good enough to perform my task. I have already recommended your product to others who will undoubtedly purchase it."

"Cool program!!..." Joe Wright, awesome steel guitar player I heard demoing at the NAMM show.

"I did not make any exhaustive comparisons, but it seems to me that the
sound quality of Transkriber is somewhat better [than a competing product that claims to have much better sound quality than
the Transkriber does], e. g. for alto saxophone recordings (the instrument I play).
There is one big advantage to Transkriber: it processes files much, much
faster. With your product, one can switch instantly from the original
speed to any other speed. With [the competing product], you have to reprocess the
file which takes a long time."
Toni Linder, Sweden

"this really is a great tool" Jeff

"It's [transkriber is] a super program. I have been recommending it to every cyber-savy jazz musician I meet."
Paul Evoskevich
Professor of Music/Director of Jazz Studies

"The software works great. I've been using the Marantz decks for years and
was looking for something to take it's place." David Cushman

"Great product, hear things on the banjo I didn't know existed Thanks." Tom Burton

About the TR-1000 Digital Music Study Recorder:...

"I think this is the best transcribing tool I've ever
tried. The sound is clear, it's easy to use, it allows you to input a
decent number of seconds and I'm addicted to it. "
S. Fefer, Canada

"I have received the Tr-1000 a few days ago and it is indeed a wonderful machine"

"... I have to say that Reed's TR-1000 is the single most amazingly
useful piece of hardware you could possibly buy to help you transcribe.
... it is all you could possibly want and more. There is absolutely
nothing extra you could ask for in a transcribing tool such as this.
Compared to other machines of its caliber it is also very reasonably priced.
I tend to prefer hardware for musical type ventures, as my PC is
tempermental at the best of times, but if the Transkriber software is
anywhere as good as the TR-1000, it is well worth the purchase." Aaron Robertson


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