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Please be sure to consult the manuals and the FAQ for each product before submitting bugs.


Trying to install Transkriber on Windows 7 or Vista 64-bit operating systems Click here to download the new installation package.


I am using Vista or Windows 7, how do I get Transkriber to work?

Transkriber v2.2 is compatible with Windows Vista.  However, Microsoft has "simplified" the volume control which requires a couple extra steps that were not required in Windows XP.  By default, Vista will only record from a microphone or the line-in on your sound card.  To enable direct recording from CD please follow the steps below:

1.  Right click the speaker icon in the notification area (bottom right, next to the clock)
2.  Choose "Recording Devices"
3.  In the resulting dialog, ensure that the "Recording" tab is selected
4.  In the middle of the dialog, right click the empty area and select "Show Disabled Devices".
5.  Scroll down until Wave Out or Stereo Mix is visible - you will probably have one or the other
6.  Right click on Wave Out or Stereo Mix and choose "Enable"
7.  Ensure that the newly enabled device is highlighted and push the "Set Default" button

You should now be able to record from a CD using Transkriber with Vista / Windows 7.

I think my computer is recording but I don't get any playback

This is not an uncommon problem; the wrong recording device is selected in Windows.  To change the Recording Device go to your volume control (start > programs > accessories > entertainment > volume control).  Then go to Options > Properties and change the “Adjust Volume For” from Playback to Recording.  Make sure all the boxes are checked under this setting, you may have to scroll down to select them all.  Then click the OK button.  This should bring you back to a series of volume bars showing your possible recording devices.  Note which device is selected.  The selected device should be Sound Mix, Stereo Mix, or Wave Out for Windows XP / ME, and CD Audio or CD Digital for Windows 98 / NT.  Try changing the recording device and see if you get any playback.  Be sure to close and re-open Transkriber each time so the changes take place.

Digital Extraction is not working on my computer, what can I do?

We suggest downloading and installing CD-DA-Xtractor by clicking here.  Once installed, make sure you have an Audio CD in your computer and launch CD-DA-Xtractor from the Start menu.  Click the REFRESH icon on the very left icon to see the contents of your CD - a list of tracks will show up in the program.  Next to each track is a check box, put a check mark beside the track(s) you would like to record.  Now click the "RIP" button next to "REFRESH".  Once the "ripping" process is complete, launch Transkriber from your Start menu and do a File > Open.  Use the "Look In" drop down box and navigate to C:\Program Files\CD-DA-Xtractor\Output.  In this output folder will be the track(s) you recorded.  Highlight one of the tracks and click Open.  Now you can play the track, slow it down, change the pitch, etc.  This process works on 100% of the computers we have tested it with.

The computer I want to register is not on the internet

As long as you have any internet connection there is no problem registering offline computers.  The first thing you need to do is write down the Machine ID of the computer you want to register.  This is automatically generated and can be found in the Registration window upon opening TransKriber for the first time.  The next step is to go to http://www.reedkotler.com/registration.html from any internet accessible computer and fill in all of the fields.  Be sure to use the Serial Number that was provided when you purchased the software, and the Machine ID that you wrote down from your offline computer.  Now simply push "Request Registration Key" and you will be returned a Registration Key which you can use to register TransKriber on your offline computer.  This process can also be used to register online computers that are having trouble with our Registration form.

When I try to install on my Windows XP machine I get an error message that says "The system file is not suitable for running MS.DOS Microsoft Windows application."

The error you are getting when installing is a bug with Windows XP Service Pack 2. Microsoft has acknowledged the bug and the steps to fix it can be found here. Follow that list of steps and you should be good to go.

If the installation still gives you the error after following Microsoft’s steps, then copy the file Autoexec.NT from C:\Windows\repair to C:\Windows\System32 and try the TransKriber installation again.

Lastly, if the install still isn’t working, you can install TransKriber onto another machine and then copy it over. You would do this by transferring the “C:\Windows\Program Files\Transkriber 2.x” folder to the machine that’s having trouble.

I'm not sure I know how to record from a CD, can you help?

Follow these steps to record in TransKriber:

1. Insert an Audio CD
2. Wait for any "auto-run" applications to pop up. Typically this may include Media Player, Real Audio, etc. Close anything that runs.
3. Run TransKriber
4. Click the "CD Player" button
5. Push "Record". This will simultaneously begin playing and recording the track. You should hear the song playing through your speakers.
6. When you have recorded enough push "Stop" and close the CD Player window
7. Click "Play" from the main panel

If you still hear nothing, follow the above step titled "I think my computer is recording but I don't get any playback".

When I try to open a WAV file it says "Must be PCM format, Error Reported WaveFileIO.cpp at line 226".

TransKriber deals with WAV files in the PCM format - although the majority of WAV files are PCM formatted, not all of them are.  To fix your WAV file, follow these steps:

1. Run “Sound Recorder” (start > programs > accessories > entertainment > sound recorder)
2. Open the WAV file you want to use in TransKriber
3. Go to File > Save As
4. Click the “Change” box
5. Use the drop down menu next to “Name” and pick “CD Quality”, now hit OK
6. Choose a file name and click Save

How do I create an AIFF file using iTunes?

Follow this guide.

The internet and fax buttons are grayed out

This is usually a computer specific problem and is mostly seen on computers that access the internet via a cable modem or LAN.  To bypass the program registration, go to http://www.reedkotler.com/registration.html and fill in all the fields.  Be sure to use the Serial Number that was provided when you purchased the software, and the Machine ID of the computer you want to register.  Now simply push "Request Registration Key" and you will be returned a Registration Key which you can use to register the software.

The program is not returning a registration key when I push the Internet button

If this happens then your computer is not on the internet.  Be sure to dial up to your Internet Service Provider before attempting to register TransKriber.  If you're positive the computer is on the internet (i.e. you have no problem checking e-mail, visiting websites, etc) then go to http://www.reedkotler.com/registration.html to receive the Registration Key needed to run TransKriber.  Rarely our registration server comes down, but occasionally it will happen.

On Windows XP, I don't hear any sound after I record using analog extraction (non digital extraction).

On Windows XP, when recording, in the recording volume panel, instead of selecting CD player, select "Stereo Mix" or "Wave out Mix".  A more detailed explanation can be found above under "I think my computer is recording but I don't get any playback".

I have the Windows version and can't find the manual and/or can't open it.

Find the TransKriber folder in your Start Menu and click "manual".  If the manual does not load or asks what program you want to open it with this means you are missing Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free application that is necessary for viewing our manual.  Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from http://www.adobe.com.

I have the Macintosh version and can't find the manual

It's in the folder where you launch the program from.

I'm having trouble recording on the Mac

You can create AIFF files for the Mac using iTunes. Put the CD in. Select "Audio CD" from the list of possible sources. Highlight the track you want to get. Click on "Advance" and  then "Convert Selection to AIFF. The result AIFF file can be opened in the Transkriber.

I'm still having trouble record or hearing no sound on playback (Windows or Macintosh).

You can always "rip" the tracks you want using any CD ripper program or one of the free ones we provide under "free stuff" on our front page.


Support for any of our products can be obtained by emailing the following:

Please note: our support email address has changed due to overwhelming spam.


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